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Productivity: Why It Is a Vital Aspect of Any Business

by Sophia Addison, from Repco-Cootamundra, on Jul 11
We live in a world with scarce resources. Productivity can be simply defined as the maximum amount of output produced with the minimal amount of resources used.
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We live in a world with scarce resources. Productivity can be simply defined as the maximum amount of output produced with the minimal amount of resources used. Productivity can go a long way in adding value to the service a business can provide and contribute towards higher profit margins. There are many ways a business can improve its productivity. Let’s take a look at some of them in more detail.


Technology is ever-growing with digital platforms taking over many aspects of the business that used to be done manually about a decade ago. Communication gaps have been reduced significantly over the years as a result of technology automating many processes. Technology takes out the element of human error and is, therefore, the more accurate option in most cases. Higher accuracy leads to higher productivity. Technology also allows greater visibility and accessibility within the company, when different teams are required to work collectively towards a common project or goal you need very clear transparency to prevent misunderstandings or conflicts of interests. Maintaining statistics and data are an important aspect of identifying trends. This could be done by various software tools. Maintaining such records would help the management increase the productivity of a business by implementing strategies redesigned by special software tools. Performance metrics and analytical tools would help a business identify where they need to be in a market.


Training goes a long way in increasing business productivity. It is no secret that a skilled workforce would give higher productivity with the minimal amount of resources. Training could induce a new way of thinking and also enforce good habitual practices within a business. Innovation comes from knowledge and this could lead to more efficient methods or workflows. In modern times, many companies invest a significant amount of time and money on training for their staff because the long run benefit of this can compensate for any initial costs.

A business looking to progress would need to have an approach where it continuously looks to grow. A good company would look to assess its competition and evaluate what practices are being followed in the business. A company should always look at a process that would work for them. Every business has its strengths and weaknesses so it is absolutely essential to identify these and work towards your strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. This would help in greatly increasing the productivity you want to see in the business. Take a look at the practices and processes you follow and do not try to solve all the problems you see at once. It is important to address the more important things first. Prioritize the more urgent aspects of the business that needs improvements. Another thing that a business should be, is performance oriented. Assess your performance in a systematic method which would provide you with an incentive to increase your productivity in the future if you feel it is not adequate. A winning attitude and efficient process can give your business the competitive edge it needs and even make it a market leader in the long run. 

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