The Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make Trying To Grow Their Business

There's 3 huge mistakes I see coaches and client business owners making while trying to grow their business. In this article, I'll tell you exactly what you're doing wrong and what you need to do now to get more consistent clients.

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Over the last 3 years, I've had well over a thousand conversations with a wide range of different coaches. From health and mindset coaches to lifestyle or business coaches, helping guide coaches to grow their business is in the wheelhouse of what I do. None the less, after so many conversations, you see patterns become more relevant. 

If you're a coach and you're struggling to grow your business, pay close attention to the mistakes listed in this article. If you do, you'll find yourself in a much better place as it pertains to real suistanable growth in your business.

First things first, what's your current scenario? Let's see how well I know your specific situation.

  • You're struggling to get high quality leads
  • You're struggling to get new clients consistently
  • You're working way too much for little return (income)
  • The freedom you set out to achieve is long gone


Am I close? Ok, what gives Ricky, how do you know this? For one, I've been in your shoes. I've walked the path you are already walking. Two, I figured it out and I've seen massive growth in my business by doing so. For you coach, if you can start to avoid these mistakes, you're going to start seeing much better results from your efforts.

Let's do this!

Mistake One: Not Focused On The One Result You Can Deliver

Every coach I've talked to in this scenario has not been focused on the one result they can deliver to their clients. Rather, they're trying to offer multiple services and they're the one that's pulling all the triggers in the background. You can't be everything in your business. Furthermore, you can't try to be the "do a little bit of everything" coach.

Stop trying to do everything and focus solely on the amazing thing you can deliver to your clients. 

Mistake Two: Trading Time For Money

If you're still trading time for money, you need to stop right now. Instead, you should be charging for the "result" you can give your clients. It shouldn't matter how long or how quick it takes you to get the result, it's the value of that result that matters.

I was working with a relationship coach earlier this year and she was charging $500 per client. I asked her what she did for her clients, she told me she saves couples from getting divorced. Are you crazy? Why in the world are you not charging $5,000 for this service? She didn't think people would pay her that, but she was wrong. We ended up choosing a $4,800 per client price point and as soon as she announced her new offer, she signed up 5 new clients the first week. That's $24,000!

Mistake Three: No Client Attraction System

Nearly all of the coaches I talk to don't have an efficient system for attracting new prospects. Truth be told, most coaches are not focused on it and this in itself is a big mistake.

Coaches are always surprised at how powerful my system is as it automates 95 percent of my business. There's no way to go through all the fine details but you can watch my masterclass recording that shows you exact what you need to do to get this system dialed in.

If you're spending all your time working in your business, you're going to struggle to grow and scale. You need to leverage automation and systems. This is what the big companies do all the time, they build mass leverage. 

What's worse, most coaches that have an attraction system in place are way off in the exact model they need. In short, their system is filled with holes and they're pushing away their biggest clients. It's essential you master this system so you can master your business.



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