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Why CAD outsourcing is required for technical designs & diagrams?

by Gaurang Trivedi, from TrueCADD, on Jul 6
Outsourcing 3D CAD modeling services has become a vital concept in the last two decades for companies, big and small, to simplify mechanical and industrial product designs.
Outsourcing 2d 3d cad drafting

Conventional way of designing and manufacturing critical parts was done manual or by a professional drafter, in-house. Manually drafted designs take a lot of preparation time and are not accurate most of the times. Turning conceptual ideas, mockups, hand drawn sketches to 2D drawings and 3D designs was a big challenge then and now as well for sheet metal fabricators, construction companies and product manufacturing firms. Gradually, the understanding about contracting has evolved, and organizations have started contracting out, CAD activity to outsourcing companies in India. Computer Aided Design (CAD) has emerged as one of the most essential technologies for several industries including construction, building products and components, furniture manufacturers, oil & gas, and many more. It’s very easy to...

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