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ICOs need Standardization

by Alexander Vollet, from IR CONSULT, on Jul 6
Every ICO has its own token definition. To open the mass markets for ICOs we need a standardization.
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For a few years, Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) have been the world's best at funding start-up companies and projects. Although Germany is still lagging behind, more and more start-ups and SMEs in Middle Europe are trying to capitalize on growth through the crowd.  But, if you read through the white papers of these companies, almost every coin / token is defined differently. Once a utility, i. e. the owner has a certain benefit with his token (discounts, member rights, etc.), once an asset, i. e. the owner is co-owner of a valuable object (real estate, car, etc.), and once a security, i. e. the owner has almost stock-like rights (profit sharing, interest payments, etc.). On the one hand, this is of...

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