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ICOs need Standardization

by Alexander Vollet, from IR CONSULT, on Jul 6
Every ICO has its own token definition. To open the mass markets for ICOs we need a standardization.
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For a few years, Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) have been the world's best at funding start-up companies and projects. Although Germany is still lagging behind, more and more start-ups and SMEs in Middle Europe are trying to capitalize on growth through the crowd. 

But, if you read through the white papers of these companies, almost every coin / token is defined differently. Once a utility, i. e. the owner has a certain benefit with his token (discounts, member rights, etc.), once an asset, i. e. the owner is co-owner of a valuable object (real estate, car, etc.), and once a security, i. e. the owner has almost stock-like rights (profit sharing, interest payments, etc.). On the one hand, this is of course varied, but on the other hand, it requires the exact understanding of the white paper, or the token.

To prepare, however, ICOs for the mass market, IR CONSULT ( recommends standardizing the ICO types. It has to be as simple, understandable and tradable as equities. Only then, professional investors - such as VCs, PEs and funds – will also accept ICOs as suitable investments.

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