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How to Put Your Talents to Work While Being a Stay-At-Home Parent

by Sophia Addison, from Repco-Cootamundra, on Jul 4
Living as a full-time stay at home parent can feel pretty rewarding as you get to spend a lot of time with your kids and give them the attention they need.

Living as a full-time stay at home parent can feel pretty rewarding as you get to spend a lot of time with your kids and give them the attention they need. However, when they grow older, you’ll find yourself getting slightly bored with all the free time you have. Here’s how you can use your talents to chase away your boredom.

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Your Talent for Multitasking

Do you possess a talent for working several things simultaneously? If you do, and you are efficient at multitasking, then you must know by now that this is a pretty useful talent to have. Being able to successfully multi-task makes it easy for you to take on projects while making sure you are still running the house efficiently. In fact, we believe the multitasking skill is the most important skill to possess as a stay at home parent.

Your Talent for Organizing Parties and Events

Are you known for throwing great parties, despite how busy you are at home with your kids and other responsibilities? Do you think you can do the same for others? If you believe so, consider working as a small scale party planner. If you feel you have the time and the energy to venture into bigger projects, consider working as an event planner. You can even join hands and work with event planning agencies online; joining them in the field only if you are comfortable to do so.

Your Talent for Making Craft Projects

We’ve all tried out our hand on making craft projects of one kind or another. More often than not, these projects were either tried as kids or as a bored adult. However, some crafts can actually be sold and will work quite well as a side business or part-time business for a full-time stay at home parent. The best part? You can only undertake projects when you know you will be free, as these kinds of businesses are fairly flexible. Remember that you can easily do you sales online using social media platforms, making it so that you need not even meet your clients in person. You can even opt to advertise using a few Melbourne advertising agencies to give your crafts a little local recognition. Of course, this depends entirely on what sort of craft projects you are undertaking and considering to sell.

Your Talent for Tutoring

Are you a talented tutor? Do your kids seem to understand their homework better when you teach it to them? Do they favor your teaching over the teachers at home? If so, your kids are pretty lucky, and you are certainly saving a lot of money. And while it’s pretty amazing that you can teach your kids, if you have time, consider tutoring a few other kids as well. Chances are that your kidsfriends and classmates might be facing the same difficulties when it comes to their studies, and can really benefit from a patient teacher. Spread the word that you are willing to teach them, and you can decide the fee according to your student’s age. Remember to ask your children if it’s ok with them for you to tutor their classmates¾teenagers especially can get a little prickly with their parents associating with their friends.



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