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Execution of Poultry Animal Welfare Audits

by Kaney Zuckerberg, on Jul 3
PMC conducts third party Animal Welfare Audits too in the area of broiler field production. Periodic incidents involving.

As per the safety concerns the meat industry is also under more scrutiny in recent years. This is the reason animal welfare becomes the need of today since it relate to not only food standard but safety as well. Animal Welfare Audit in addition is the way which all about safe transport and slaughter of animals essentially. Though, this is actually the circumstances where from one region to another, welfare in association animals is at variance. And that’s the objective which engrosses the Poultry Broiler Live Production Audits in order to facilitate constant information of live production plus processing plant management every year as per the need by the Process Management Consulting.    In this respect, PMC conducts third party...

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