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Blockchain Technology to Optimize the Internet; Cheaper, Smarter, Faster Distribution of Online Content

by Press Release, from Panaesha Capital Pte. Ltd, on Jul 2
Blockchain technology will make the internet’s infrastructure faster, cheaper and smarter through content delivery networks (CDN’s)

Decentralization, though ancient in concept, is new to be implemented effectively. Ecosystems are provided with a means to improve efficiency as users can approach each other for data and so, only one party will necessarily need to download content from the CDN.

Blockchain technology will provide for simultaneous data downloads, thus servers will work together to pool resources and bandwidth. The download responsibility will be distributed among all users on the network.

A holistic infrastructural change is being made by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Theta Network, etc and they are making specific changes within their systems. Gladius is yet another company which utilizes blockchain technology to decentralize the distribution of content, aiming at increasing the bandwidth and speed of downloads. The consumer is engaged in a reward-based program; the individuals in the process will be compensated.

A new trend in marketing and business is to allow viewers to be rewarded for watching advertisements and for performing requested tasks. This trend allows businesses to connect directly with consumers rather than go through advertising third parties. On platforms like Play2Live, consumers can avoid the economic burden of paying for large bandwidths by being reimbursed the entire costs they bare. This is achieved by allowing the users to simply play around with the content on the blockchain network. In the new age of the internet, the public want to be paid for the time they spend online. Reasonable. In fact, for many people, this is their full time job.

A popular hobby with people around the world is eSports. These platforms require every user to download content from the platform’s website. The process is ineffective and time-consuming. Now, the same process is achieved through blockchain technology which effectively distributes the burden of downloading the information and sharing the data with users. In the current times of the FIFA World Cup, implementing the technology is vital to preserve users’ data integrity and costs.

After the Cambridge Analytica data leak, businesses are now focused on ensuring that the customers’ data and internet activity are protected in the most secure way possible. Today, security means blockchain technology.

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