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Best App Performance Tips For Best Business Management

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Jun 26
Running a business is much different now than it used to be, in a number of different ways. There is also no doubting that technology has been one of the big catalysts behind this change.

Businesses are now more digital than ever before, thanks to the massive innovations in technology. While this helps efficiency, user experience and more, it also means that more can go wrong as more technology is relied on for most businesses. 

With that in mind, app performance, and making sure everything is working well,  is very important to the management of your business. If your site or apps fail or simply are not very intuitive, you could lose customers quickly. This article will take a look at a few app performance tips to ensure the management of your business goes off without a hitch. 

Be Sure to Test Early and Often and Consistently Monitor the App

One of the best practices when it comes to maintaining solid app performance is testing your app. You can’t simply take an employees or customers word about the viability and connectivity of the app, you need to test it to be sure. You need to test in the planning stage, test during development, test when releasing your app and test when updating or checking it. Simply put, you should be testing it a lot.


You need to test for ways to improve your apps, as well as look for patterns from test to test and update to update. When building a testing strategy, you should be sure to test for a variety of devices, perform stress tests, test security, compare features to competitors and more. Keeping an eye out for these things will go a long way in terms of ensuring your testing is high quality.


In addition to testing, you need to be sure to monitor your app and it’s performance over time, and at different traffic levels. Monitoring will give you immediate insight into the health of your app and if anything is going wrong, you will be able to be notified or find out about it instantly. This will prevent many problems from getting to the end user.

Use the Best Tools Available

Of course, to manage your apps and their performance, you will need to utilize some tools. These tools can give you a lot of insights and metrics about your apps, which will help you keep them up and running, as well as optimized. Some will be relatively affordable or potentially even free, while others might cost a lot.


They each will have their own unique use cases and features. The one you go with will depend on how large of a company you are, the industry you are in and so much more. While there are lots of potential tools and solutions that you can use, one of the better options is AppOptics by Solarwinds.

Learn more about it here:

Be Aware How Important App Performance is to Your Business








Of course, you need to know how your app and it’s code runs, it is perhaps more important to understand how your app impacts your business and ultimately, your customer base. You only have a certain amount of time to work with your apps, so you need to ensure you spend your time wisely. You need to improve and work on the performance of the app where the end user will get the most benefit.

Also, in addition to that, some people simply don’t know how important app performance can be for a company. If a businesses apps or website goes down or they suffer other IT-related issues, it can lead to huge losses. In fact, it costs companies thousands of dollars per every minute that they are down, which can be a massive problem.


In conclusion, monitoring your app and following the tips laid out in this article should help the management your business. It is very important that your app or site performs well and up to the standards of the visitors or customers. If not, it will be difficult to grow, especially if your competitors have better app performance.


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