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3 Ways for Freelance Writers to Attract Repeat Business

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Jun 25
Freelance writing isn’t the easiest way to earn a living. As is the case with contracting, you’ll need to attract a steady stream of clients in order to have a consistent income. This is where repeat business enters the equation.
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The more clients you have enlisting your services on a regular basis, the more money you’ll have coming in. However, turning first-time clients into regular customers can be a tall order for fledgling freelancers. Writers interested in growing their stable of returning clients would be wise to implement the following tips. 

1. Be Dependable

If you want a client to enlist your aid on a regular basis, you’ll need to show them that you can be counted on to complete jobs in a timely and professional manner. For starters, this means treating deadlines with the utmost importance. If you can’t be depended on to meet previously agreed-upon due dates, freelancing probably isn’t a good fit for you. Being prompt in your communications is another tenet of dependability. If a client reaches out to you with a question, comment or request, it’s imperative that you respond as quickly as possible. Failing to do so can potentially cost you jobs and cause clients to view you in a different light. 

2. Be Timely With Your Invoices

Although some clients will take it upon themselves to keep track of your work hours and assignments, the majority of them will require you to handle the aforementioned tasks. This means being meticulous about documenting the number of jobs you complete, as well as how much time is spent on each assignment. Since this will ultimately determine how much you’re paid, it’s in your best interest to stay on top of it. Once your hours and assignments have been tallied up, you’ll need to create an invoice and submit it to your client. To ensure that you receive compensation in a timely manner, make a point of submitting each invoice within 24 hours of completing your work. Anyone on the hunt for a great invoice template is urged to download this professional estimate for free

3. Be Okay With Revising Your Work

As any seasoned freelancer can confirm, some clients are more discerning than others, and at some point, every writer is asked to make revisions to their work. When this inevitably happens, you won’t do yourself any favors by being standoffish or argumentative. You’d be hard-pressed to find a client who enjoys being second-guessed, and if you display an aversion to revising your work based on customer preferences, you’re unlikely to attract repeat business. 

Many freelance writers sink or swim depending on the number of regular clients they have. With this in mind, anyone interested in pursuing writing as a profession should make attracting repeat business one of their foremost priorities. Of course, for writers who are just getting their start, this can often be easier said than done. In the quest for repeat business, dependability, timeliness and flexibility are sure to serve you well. 

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