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Growth Hacking Innovations - competition finalists!

by Administrator, on Jun 16
We announce the end of the first selection round and welcome the 13 finalists of the startups business models competition on InnMind!

Today on June 16th we finalized the results of the first round of the online startup competition of business models Growth Hacking Innovations on, and we’re glad to announce the startups who successfully passed the selection round and were chosen to join the Final with the pitches for investors.

During the 3 weeks of the first selection round we received dozens of startups’ applications from different countries: India, Russia, Poland, Armenia, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Sri-Lanka and others. It was incredible to see them: most of startups who applied to competition presented awesome projects, outstanding technologies and ideas!

Meanwhile, Growth Hacking Innovations – is the competition of business models, not ideas and technologies.

This means that our experts have chosen those startups, who demonstrated better understanding of the business part of their projects: knowledge and understanding of their market and customers, detailed execution plan and well-designed business model, which is necessary for transformation of a project into a successful business.

Let’s welcome the finalists:

Hideez Band
HR Scoring
Blockchain BCV
Prognostic V-V-P
Proximus RFID Solutions

During the next 2 weeks each of them will present their business model, pitching online in front of the investors in the jury who will choose the winner.

Most of the jury members are ready to invest in best project, the winner will have a chance to pass due-diligence and enter investment round with one (or several?!) of investors in the competition jury.

To learn more about the jury, prizes and details visit the competition description page here.

The winners will be announced on July 15th

We welcome those startups, who were selected for the Final Round and wish them victory in the competition:

good luck and overwhelming success to you, guys!

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