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How to generate smart contract for your ICO

by Julia Koshevaya, from InnMind, on Jun 6
Tokenizer – is a platform for creating smart contracts, which provides all useful instruments for making successful ICO.
Tokenizer 01

One of the difficulties faced by the majority of startups, launching ICO, is how to build a secured and affordable smart contract. Indeed, if you’re an early stage startup and don’t have a team of developers at your disposal, it can be quite a challenging task. There are plenty of service providers on the market, including freelancers and IT companies, which suggest to do it on outsourcing basis. But their pricing is shocking for early stage startups:  creation of smart contract will cost from $30k to $50k and even more! And reliability in most cases is illuseous: they don’t have financial or legal responsibility in case of any problems with your code. On InnMind Toolbox we discovered Tokenizer – a platform...

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