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Ukraine High Tech report

by Administrator, on Jun 10
An in-depth study about Ukraine’s IT outsourcing and software development industries, prepared by Ukraine Digital News in association with AVentures Capital.
Ua hightech

This is the first issue of the IT Ukraine report, representing a comprehensive overview of the Ukrainian IT outsourcing and software R&D capacities in 2015.

It is structured in seven parts:

  1. The Ukrainian IT ecosystem
  2. The Ukrainian IT outsourcing industries
  3. IT outsourcing – Client interviews and testimonials
  4. IT outsourcing – Case studies
  5. IT outsourcing – Taxation and legal aspects
  6. Multinational R&D centers in Ukraine
  7. Public policies This research is offered free of charge.

"The Ukrainian IT sector is still at a relatively early stage, but has already established itself as a hotbed of innovation, driven by the largest group of software engineers in all of Europe. It is no coincidence that hundreds of global tech companies have been outsourcing software development tasks to Ukraine, have opened R&D centers there, or are investing in startups founded by Ukrainians", - mentions one of the authors of the report Yevgen Sysoyev (co-founder and managing partner at AVentures Capital) in his introduction.

According to the research, Ukraine has the largest number of IT professionals in Central and Eastern Europe (putting aside Russia); its IT engineering work force is expected to double to over 200,000 by 2020. This results in growing numbers of the export volume of Ukraine’s software development and IT services: in 2015 they reached at least $2.5 billion, showing double-digit growth year after year.

The United States remains remains Ukraine’s largest partner for export of software development and IT services (with an estimated 80% volume of exported services) as well as for joint R&D activities (around 45% of the companies involved), followed by EU countries and Israel.

The authors of the research mention, that the country’s political turbulence has had little impact on the existing activity of most industry players, but remains an obstacle to stronger growth. The industry has the potential to reach a completely different order of magnitude, given the size and quality of the country’s workforce, should reforms succeed and new strong players emerge.

Click to download the full 200 pages report.

The report was prepared by Ukraine Digital News in association with AVentures Capital, and published on InnMind with the permission. 

It will be updated regularly and kept available gratis to all interested parties in order to draw to the vibrant Ukrainian innovation scene the attention it deserves.

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