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Cryptocurrencies: Moving towards a brighter future

by Press Release, from Panaesha Capital Pte. Ltd, on May 14
Cryptocurrencies are viewed as a financial phenomenon and are also deemed unstable.
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Cryptocurrencies are viewed as a financial phenomenon and are also deemed unstable. People who invested in Bitcoin in 2009 are earning millions of dollars in return today. Although the people who received the gigantic amount have nothing to complaint about, others think this enormous return is a proof of the currency’s volatility. If it boomed fast, wouldn’t it deflate faster?

Arguably, currency needs to be a stable commodity. However, stability is not a term that can be attached to cryptocurrencies today. The future is brighter, though. Recent developments show great promise for a stable crypto-market.

The New York Stock Exchange is attempting to develop a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The platform will allow traders to exchange digital currencies in the open. People now understand that not all cryptocurrencies and ICOs are scams. There are investors who have earned millions, and people are making more money everyday.

The ease of use of cryptocurrencies is also a point in their favor. The secure blockchain network used by cryptocurrencies provides a safe platform for traders. The blockchain network is a decentralized ledger which is shared with all members of the network.

Theoretically, the decentralized network is a threat to today’s government. The government uses centralized currency to monitor all exchanges of money. A decentralized network would mean that the government could potentially lose control of its most powerful leverage: printed money.

However, cryptocurrencies were not developed to overthrow the government. The digital currency is a means of distributing the ownership of money among the public. Seeing the public acceptance of the decentralization plan, central banks of countries seem to be in a dilemma. Governments are not sure whether they should join the crypto-community or just suppress the booming market.

In the current chaotic community with some people pro-crypto, some against it and most of the world undecided, it is necessary to spot an authentic digital currency.

Feelium is the cryptocurrency for the real world.

Feelium is a platform that offers tokens in exchange for smart contracts and escrow services. On Feelium, tokens can be bought today for an exclusive pre- ICO price of $1 USD per Feelium token. All intents and plans are detailed in the Feelium whitepaper.

Investors can also learn about Feelium’s fund allocation and token distribution in their whitepaper, or on the website.

Feelium offers wallet to wallet transfer of tokens, and when full functionality launches, the users can avail free smart contracts and escrow services, or exchange Feelium for other cryptocurrencies on the existing crypto-exchanges.

Learn more about the real world cryptocurrency, Feelium at


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