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Why you should consider B2T as an investment alternative

by Edvin Lisovskij, from Box2Table, on May 12
Imagine a world where crypto-currencies are stable and there is no risks of buying and holding it. Hard to imagine,right?

It is even more difficult to implement as almost every asset’s price is determined by the market conditions (demand/supply factors). Box2Table team has prepared something extraordinary for its clients -two currencies in one decentralized ecosystem. One currency reflects company’s performance, value and demand/supply market factors. The second one is stable and is fixed to the same exchange rate. Platform users do not have worry about exchange rate fluctuations. They are able to buy goods and simply benefit from blockchain technology paying with our cryptocurrency. Benefits for the platform users are fast and cheap transactions, security, simple of use. On the other hand ICO participants will get high ROI, stable earnings and low risk investment alternative. Box2Table is a revolutionary blockchain...

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