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Blockchain & ICO

The new way of using blockchain technology

by Edvin Lisovskij, from Box2Table, on May 1
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology for securing transactions and data.  Many people express their concerns about it.

  They usually associate cryptocurrencies with some imaginary virtual creation that is used solely as a speculative tool. Box2Table has created a platform, where people unfamiliar with the blockchain will get to understand the whole concept of the technology and utilize its benefits in the real world! Technically, blockchain is a chain of interrelated data blocks based on cryptography. Thanks to that technology, they guarantee the non-repudiation of each transaction and data entry. Nowadays, the blockchain technology is actively used by many enterprises- for example it is used by banks to confirm transactions, create land and mortgage registers, settle taxes or register cars. According to PWC consulting company, the food market environment is becoming more and more challenging. Restaurants must...

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