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New Software Is Having An Impact On Board Management

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Apr 25
Board management is a delicate art, and running a board meeting can sometimes feel like conducting an orchestra full of soloists. So, how can software make an impact?
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At their best, board meetings provide space for productive conversations that facilitate real progress, but they can easily descend into off-topic digressions, heated debates about minor points, and individual voices dominating the discussion. So what are some of the ways board managers can ensure that their meetings are harmonious rather than discordant? It is widely understood that when it comes to meetings of any kind, preparation is key. Board members who have had time to read and digest the information they will be discussing are much more likely to engage in fruitful conversations that lead to concrete outcomes. But in many sectors, this also raises questions about security. With major data breaches drawing more and more attention to the weaknesses...

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