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TOP 3D Furniture Model Rendering Techniques for Retailers

by Alpesh Patel, from CAD Outsourcing Services, on Apr 19
Traditionally, furniture retailers saw big challenges to design an appealing product catalog for attracting more customers under the then influential photography for taking that perfect shot.
3d furniture model rendering techniques

Traditionally, furniture retailers saw big challenges to design an appealing product catalog for attracting more customers under the then influential photography for taking that perfect shot. However, today, with increased use of furniture 3D CAD designing and modeling services furniture retailers have altogether redefined the task of designing sales catalog.

Additionally, there are also numerous outsourced rendering service partners in the market that operates as an extending arm for your furniture design engineers. CAD Outsourcing Services is one such company from India, partnering with offshore furniture design and manufacturing firms to deliver unparalleled 3D furniture rendered models and designs.

Digital Rendering Tools v/s Photography

It is apparent that the cost of 3D furniture rendering in 3ds Max or Photoshop is very negligible as compared to the costs incurred by setting up the perfect ambiance for the furniture piece. While, final corrections, texturing, shadows, dents etc. can be made with rendering software like Photoshop and Lightroom which gives the furniture model to appear more realistic with changing architectural scenes of office, residential, commercial or any other. While for photography, even if it’s the same furniture object projected in different residential, commercial or office setups, the setting time and right photography angle are extremely time-consuming.

But apart from the obvious argument of photography versus photorealistic furniture 3D rendering solutions, there are other numerous benefits that furniture retailer cashes on with computer-generated images (CGIs) and digital rendering tools. The basic idea of 3D rendering and modeling is to improve the visualization capabilities and design communication in a virtual environment.

Enlisted are the few applications of a rendered 3D furniture model that comes in conjugation with the computer technology advances.

1.    Virtual Walkthroughs with 3D Rendered Models

Major advantage to a furniture retailer with rendered model is 3D visualization capabilities of rendering software which allows putting the furniture model in a plain white backdrop or attractive décor, indoor or outdoor as per the client needs. It will eliminate the investment in setting up and purchasing or renting the property.

Clients can visually walk through this entire virtual (CAD environment) setup of the interiors and experience how exactly the furniture will fit in and complement the overall architectural designing. Space allocation, color schemes, appropriateness of the furniture placement with changing natural light with changing season etc. can be evaluated objectively.

Especially, for interior designing firms and furniture designers creating virtual walkthroughs are the best medium for design communication with architects and getting approvals from clients for manufacturing feasibility and sales demand. They give the exact sense and feel of the interior or exterior to be built and changes can seamlessly be accommodated within the proposed designs without heavy changes.

2.    Compatibility with Virtual Reality Application

While virtual reality (VR) technology application has long existed, it has recently taken a center stage in furniture retail industry, like applications with Oculus Rift. Customers have shown extremely positive approach to the “try-on” solutions with wearables provided by the leaders of furniture retailers. These features essentially let the customer place their chosen furniture product and try it with the décor for the intended application and change the color, form, finish, and upholstery material of the furniture model.

For example, when a rendered residential chair model in 3ds Max can be placed within residential as well commercial set up for a recreational place and check the suitability of it by changing the physical appearance.

3.    3D Visualization of Furniture - Space with Augmented Reality (AR)

Alongside, head-mounted devices (HMD) for augmented reality applications too have helped furniture designers and retailers big time in visualizing the spaces. Imagining 3D furniture designs exactly as proposed can be a tedious task but augmented reality has played a significant role in helping the clients to perceive the designs acutely.

Augmented reality HMDs provides a virtual walk around the spaces and helps envision the design elements with properties with changing space. When finely rendered objects are used, they give a great impact on the designs and life-like feelings. When objects are evaluated before bought, the chances of return and replacement are reduced to a greater level which lets the retailer focus more on fresh sales.

These aforementioned applications of advanced technologies are utilized to their full extent when furniture CAD models of chairs, tables, cupboards, cabinets, sofa etc. have full-scale rendering which gives them realistic touch.

Such technologies are set to become tomorrow’s mainstream platforms for furniture sales, furniture design engineers, retailers and manufacturers need to gear up with rendering needs to make them stay in the mainstream business of tomorrow.

At CAD Outsourcing Services, engineers, 3D artists and architects work closely with interior designing firms and furniture designing firms for their unprecedented design assistance. We have completed several projects of furniture modeling for retail store chains, shop fitting and many recreational place furniture designs.

Contact us at  for discussing your furniture design and rendering needs.

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