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Global Investor Survey: anxious optimism in a complex world

by Administrator, on Apr 17
InnMind presents review of PwC report 2018 Global Investor Survey
Carlos muza 84523

 This report, 2018 Global Investor Survey, is created by PwC to understand the thinking and strategic direction of chief executive officers (CEOs) around the world and how their views compare with the perceptions and expectations of investment professionals. Two groups were asked for their opinions on growth prospects in a disruptive environment, the effects of globalisation, threats and challenges that companies face today, views about what has impact on customers’ and employees’ trust. Investment professionals answered our questions in relation to what they expect from the companies they invest in or follow, whereas CEOs responded in the context of what their own organisation is doing. So, this report will also be useful for beginning entrepreneurs to see what investors expect from...

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