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Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Startup Downtime

by Tripti Rai, from Appinventiv, on Apr 13
Almost all startup founders face the downtime at some point in their journey. If you are also going through the same pain, here are the tips to make the best use of this time.
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As an Entrepreneur, being jack-of-all-the-trades might be your nickname. You might be addicted to seeing a lot many tasks on your bucket list on daily basis. However, entrepreneurship is not about rising above always. There are many times when you find nothing in your task list or feel as if you are doing nothing productive enough to appreciate your efforts or brag in front of others. Your startup that has been observing skyrocketed performance is suddenly falling down and you are unable to make the situation under control. In such a downtime, you add value to your startup by considering the following steps:   Plan Again Believe it or not, making a list of tasks you have done or...

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