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Playing the Long Game: How to Win Customers for Life With Content Marketing

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Apr 11
There's no doubt that there's a longer sales funnel with content marketing than there would potentially be for more direct sales methods, such as per-pay-click advertising.
Content marketing

That's always going to be the case when your overall goal is to give value to customers first and asking for the sale second. 

Depending on your the industry you're working in, it could be common for people to be subscribed to your content (via email or social media perhaps) for years before they purchase a product or service from you. 

It could be off-putting for an online business to hear this. Many will want to put their money into marketing platforms that pay off straight away.

That's thinking too small though…

Sure, having an ad on the top page one for your chosen product on Google might work if you're selling one-off items like dog beds.

But what if you're selling a luxury purchase or an ongoing service, like life coaching or article writing services? Is a 10-word ad at the top of Google enough to get you the sale? It might be enough to get people clicking through to your website, but they'll probably want to learn more about your company before making the purchase, because the commitment is so much bigger. 

That's where content marketing comes in...     

How to create perfect content marketing

Content marketing is the perfect tool to nurture leads for a long period of time until they're ready to make that big purchase. 

The idea is that you continue to supply them with a constant flow of useful, interesting content that demonstrates your expertise. You can subtly mention the benefits of your products and services, but the content shouldn't be 'salesy' the least.

Instead, concentrate on offering so much value that the customer can't help investigate your sales page.

For a high-value sale, this is arguably the only way to market to customers. You have to win a customer's trust and prove that you're the best company for the job before the average customer will part with a substantial amount of money.  

The best thing about this approach is that the customers you do win over this way are likely to be customers for life. You've likely earned enough trust that they'll come back to you again and again.

Put the time into content marketing - or outsource it

The main downside is that this approach does take a lot of time and commitment.

This could be a major stumbling block, particularly if you're a small company that has not employed any writers or marketing experts. Thankfully, there are plenty of content writing agencies that you can hire to create high-quality content for you such as Companies in this space can make your content marketing campaign much easier to run. 

Take time to make sure that your content is high quality, and the results will be too. 

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