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Playing the Long Game: How to Win Customers for Life With Content Marketing

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Apr 11
There's no doubt that there's a longer sales funnel with content marketing than there would potentially be for more direct sales methods, such as per-pay-click advertising.
Content marketing

That's always going to be the case when your overall goal is to give value to customers first and asking for the sale second.  Depending on your the industry you're working in, it could be common for people to be subscribed to your content (via email or social media perhaps) for years before they purchase a product or service from you.  It could be off-putting for an online business to hear this. Many will want to put their money into marketing platforms that pay off straight away. That's thinking too small though… Sure, having an ad on the top page one for your chosen product on Google might work if you're selling one-off items like dog beds. But what if...

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