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SmartO: Siri & Google Get Out the Way

by Alyona Selezneva, from SmartO, on Apr 9
IT startup SmartO, starts its ICO on April 6 to raise funds for the project and subsequently implement all the innovative ideas.

What is SmartO?

SmartO is a virtual assistant, personal super-assistant that uses artificial intelligence algorithms.

Siri, Google or Alexa are assistants that are available at the moment. However SmartO has two significant distinctive features:

  1. Monetization for Users
  2. Revolutionary Solution for Advertisers

Let’s take a look at examples of what are SmartO perks and how it works!

For example, you set the alarm for 8 am and it went off at 7.20

It happened because SmartO analyzed the tasks you’d entered before and took into account the weather conditions — there’s a heavy snowfall and it’d take more time to get to work. Thus, thanks to SmartO, you have time for breakfast and can get to work on time.

Let’s see — you have 30 tasks in SmartO. One of those is to buy a water filter, and you have a rendezvous with a childhood friend. In the evening as you are on your way home SmartO notifies you that 2 kilometres down the road there’ll be a Mall with special offer on water filters. The store got good reviews, and it is registered in SmartO and you will get additional discounts and increased cashback. What’s more SmartO tells you that your friend is at the mall this very minute so you can also meet up.

While you were with your friend, your wife added another task to the list — buy medicine. SmartO will show the banner of the nearest pharmacy with medicine in store.

Ok, you’re back in your car: SmartO notifies you that there’s an accident on your standard route and suggests a detour. Like a regular navigator.

SmartO will plan your new route based on the tasks you’ve scheduled for other days. On your new route you can visit pharmacy, store, car shop, etc., this way you spend your time more efficiently!

The more you follow advice of our virtual assistant, the more STO tokens you receive on your account. Amazing but true.

It happened because you have watched ads in SmartO and followed its advice on shops, pharmacy, car service you visited.

SmartO has a new vision on how ads work: before, users (us) did not get anything for watching ads, now we get 60% of ad budget! All of that thanks to SmartO — revolutionary advertising tool!

At the moment things in advertising are not really effective:

You enter “buy tyres” in Google and get many options, which do not take into account either your location or other factors. Both Google and advertiser don’t know how you reacted to ads, whether you bought tires or not, bought them yourself or asked someone else to do it. Therefore, in order not to lose the client, the advertiser has to show you ads about their product for a couple more weeks.

SmartO has a solution! And that’s the whole point.

As soon as you enter the task it becomes active. At this point you start receiving proposals for tyre offers based on your location — at the right time in the right place.

Once the task is completed and you have ticked it off you will not see another tyre ad.

Therefore ad campaign will last only half an hour, not 2–3 weeks! And hit right on the mark! It helps the advertiser to save a lot of money. And the advertiser would happily contribute a share of the ad budget to increase customer loyalty.

Advertisers can set up referral programs to reward their customers in business account.

Thus SmartO makes the ads welcomed!

Small business can afford advertising in SmartO.

A small example.

You have a tire shop or a beauty parlor, doesn’t really matter, cause you provide services to a limited number of customers in your neighborhood. It’s not feasible to show ads in search networks for the whole city, makes little sense.

What can SmartO offer to small business?

Advertiser can specify the area coverage, where the ad will be shown and, accordingly, the community of that area will see the advert.

Also, all users, who pass through the area also see the ad in case it helps with their tasks.

Siri, Google or Alexa are robust virtual assistants and have their own path — to create assistants you can communicate with.

SmartO creates a super-helper to solve your tasks. It has a huge and constantly improving functionality with two distinctive features:

  1. Monetization for Users
  2. Revolutionary Solution for Advertisers

We can all take part in the implementation of such startup, you just need to take part in ICO, which starts on April the 6th.

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