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SmartO Business Model

by Alyona Selezneva, from SmartO, on Apr 2
SmartO directly connects the suppliers and the customers thus, it creates mutually beneficial eco-system based on win-win strategy. Let’s see how SmartO economy works in details.

STO token is the payment unit within the app.

Business basis of SmartO

Any business is interested in loyal clients. The dream of every entrepreneur is to turn the ordinary client into loyal. SmartO will make this dream into reality and moreover our app will provide the suppliers with the constant flow of the clients. SmartO will give such opportunity to the suppliers in exchange of the financial contributions into the system.

If your company needs steady influx of new clients, you should register (list) it in SmartO system, thus afterwards you can purchase STO tokens on crypto exchanges.

The second source of the purchasing of the STO tokens — is selling the products and services to the SmartO customers for tokens in other words to regard it as the payment means.

Users and monetization

Users in SmartO economy can earn in several ways. Firstly, when the user downloads SmartO app and registers there by himself (or via referral link) he gets bonuses in STO tokens.

Secondly, the user gets the reward if another person registers in SmartO via his referral link.

Also users could earn on the referral programs of the goods and services providers. In other words, if any entrepreneur is interested in recommending his products by the SmartO users via distributing his referral links, business would reward everybody in tokens.

The third way to earn STO tokens in SmartO economy. The user would be rewarded for goods and services’ reviews that he has already tried. In order the reviews are impartial and objective they would be paid by the SmartO groupe. And it would be a stimulus for the provider to improve the quality of the goods and services.

Profit monetization of using our app — is a revolutionary solution that will change the paradigm of the advertising market.

Watching the advertisement:

  • will be voluntary (you can switch it off),
  • will be rewarded with STO tokens.

All that earned STO tokens you could spend on goods and services of the providers, that are registered in the app. You could sell STO tokens at the exchanges because the providers’ demand would be always exist. Also the users would have an opportunity to send tokens to each other in order to give a helping hand in emergency situation.

STO Token — the guarantee of the profit for the investors

The guarantees for the investors — is the integral part of the SmartO economy of STO tokens. STO tokens would serve as the guaranteed instrument of the profit for the investor.

First of all, at the presale of STO tokens you could purchase them with 30% discount. Secondly, in case STO token price won’t increase for at least 20%, we will pay you 20% as dividends in STO tokens in USD equivalent one year after the beginning of trading on the exchanges. Thus, the minimal year profit from the invest funds would be 20%.

Why will increase the rate of token SmartO

The most attractive for investors is that the quantity of tokens in the SmartO ecosystem is limited and won’t be increased. Since the number of providers of goods and services in the SmartO system will increase and tokens will be needed continuously, the demand for them with their limited quantity will lead to an increase in their rate on the exchanges.

The tools for popularizing the SmartO and STO application of the token (advertising, PR campaigns, SMM), as well as “word of mouth”, will also be used to increase the cost of the token exchange rate: as soon as any SmartO user is convinced of the convenience and necessity of the application, he will immediately spread the information about it to all his friends

It turns out that the economy of SmartO will work on the “win-win” principle, so all participants will benefit from it!

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