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by Ulyana Shtybel, Ph.D, from HighCastle, on Mar 31
HighCastle is an investment marketplace, designed to tokenize worldwide private securities and alternative investments with the use of HighCastle's SmartNotes.
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HighCastle is a British blockchain-based investment marketplace for private securities and other alternative investments, where investors can discover and build a portfolio of the best property loans and bonds, startup equity and tokens, government bonds and other alternative investments worldwide.

HighCastle is an investment marketplace, designed to tokenize worldwide private securities and alternative investments with the use of HighCastle's SmartNotes to be regulated under the FCA legal framework.

HighCastle is extending its services to enable individual and institutional investors to discover, buy and sell securities from thousands of different providers globally and manage investment portfolios through a single marketplace.

HighCastle is already the world's biggest investment marketplace and currently provides access to over 9000 projects with a combined value in excess of $3.6 billion. Its discovery tool is totally free and helps investment managers to find the best projects all over the world. HighCastle aims to create FCA regulated tokenized securities exchange.

Take a look at these 8 reasons why HighCastle might be the next big blockchain company and what are its key values.

HighCastle is Bringing a Powerful Revolutionary Product with the following innovations:

  1. DLT INFRASTRUCTURE: All transactions in HighCastle primary and secondary markets are recorded on the blockchain -  distributed shared registry to make investing and trading fast, transparent and secure.

  2. TOKENISED INVESTMENTS: HighCastle’s SmartNote solution, a blockchain-based financial instrument, which combines DLT with securities-backed notes and empowers private and public businesses to raise capital by issuing tradable tokenized securities.

  3. OPEN ARCHITECTURE: HighCastle`s proprietary API enables us to source investment opportunities worldwide from technology-enabled online platforms, investment firms and other trusted channels, providing investors with cross-platform portfolio management.

  4. PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION: This facilitates global investment opportunities in one place, i.e. equity, debt and reward-based from all industries, currencies and countries.

  5. LIQUIDITY PLATFORM: The HighCastle solution for tokenization of private securities of real businesses and the creation of a secondary market, helps to bring liquidity for the private securities market, the same liquidity that was achieved earlier by the leaders of the p2p lending market, now multi-billion dollar companies.

  6. SMART AUTOMATION: A FinTech company with 70% of work covered through the use of bots, AI and programmable algorithms.

  7. LEGAL FRAMEWORK: HighCastle issues securities-backed notes to create a legal framework for each tradable digital token and will ensure FCA regulated crypto-fundraising through the acquisition of an FCA license. With HighCastle SmartNotes solution, companies can easily sell their security tokens, while investors can invest in HighCastle SmartNotes representing any underlying asset.

  8. MULTI CURRENCY FUNDING: HighCastle accept both fiat currencies and cryptocurrency as payment methods worldwide

HighCastle is powered by International Partnerships and best-of-breed technological solutions: J.P. Morgan Permissioned Blockchain solution; KYC/AML Compliance tool such as World-Check from Thomson Reuters; London & Partners business development support and cybersecurity partner RMRF Technology, which specialize in providing cybersecurity services and development of deception-based solutions.

The HighCastle team is comprised of some of the most talented financial experts, engineers and developers who are committed to seeing our vision through.

Our Advisory Board:

Nitin Gaur, Adviser at HighCastle, Director at IBM Blockchain Labs;

Ugo Bechis, Adviser at HighCastle, Co-Chair at Lafferty Brexit Council;

Leon Saunders Calvert, Adviser at HighCastle, Global Head of M&A and Capital Raising Propositions, Thomson Reuters;

Serhii Aleynikov, Cybersecurity Adviser at HighCastle, CTO at RMRF Technology.


Our Management & Board of Directors:

Denys Goncharenko, Co-founder, Group CEO, Board Member at HighCastle, Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy, Former Head of Legal Department State Tax Service of Ukraine.

Ludwik Sobolewski, Non-Executive Director and Board Member at HighCastle, Polish lawyer and the Former CEO of Warsaw Stock Exchange and Bucharest Stock Exchange;

Philip Millar, Executive Director at HighCastle, Former Executive Director, CME Asia and Head of Global Clearing Services of HSBC Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder, Vice President, Board Member at HighCastle, Former Executive Director of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Office in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Saakov, Co-founder, CFO and Board Member at HighCastle, Trader and Serial Entrepreneur with more than 30 years in trading and assets management.

Kostiantyn Pechnikov, Co-founder, CTO At HighCastle, Serial Entrepreneur with a primary focus on IT and Law, holds Master’s Degree in Law.

Philip Walsh, Regulatory Compliance Director, has 15 years in FCA compliance.

HighCastle aims to create FCA regulated blockchain-based alternative exchange. With HighCastle’s revolutionary SmartNote solution and Distributed Ledger Technology, it has become possible to achieve liquidity for private securities market, the same one as was achieved earlier by Lending Club for p2p lending, which is now a multi-billion dollar company.

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