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Business management

Tips to Conduct a Successful Business Meeting

by Leila Dorari, on Mar 28
The key points of a successful meeting are to ensure that everyone prepares and participates in a productive manner. Keep the atmosphere positive and encourage ideas and conclusions.
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An ineffective meeting is robbing every business of its valuable resources, time and people. A well-managed meeting requires planning and good people skills. Hold only necessary meetings The first condition for a meeting to be successful is its importance. If you have daily team-meetings scheduled, make them into ten-minute briefings at the beginning of each day and go back to your regular activities. Try to give at least a couple of days’ notice to all the participants so they can organize their schedule. You do not want anyone to be tense or in a hurry. Create an agenda You would not schedule a meeting without knowing what you want to discuss. However, creating a clear outline will help you keep...

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