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Energy Premier - one of the top ICOs to contribute to

by Luka Prelevic, from Energy Premier, on Mar 26
Blockchain based energy trading & bidding platform with a live product, lead user-base, and founded by blockchain innovators (incl. Tomoaki Sato), guys from McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, AT Kearney, Google, Credit Suisse, Rothschild & Danske Commodities

Energy Premier ICO to tokenize energy trading

Energy Premier is an advanced blockchain-based electricity retail bidding platform that allows users to trade electricity in a faster, safer and cheaper way, by utilizing the EPC token smart contract.

The goal of Energy Premier is to give the power over energy back to the people through blockchain and decentralization. The platform enables direct access to the retail energy market to suppliers by eliminating multiple intermediaries and taking out distance as a limiting factor to trade, which then results in lower prices for the consumers. Moreover, it is the first platform that provides direct access to the market for all energy retailers.

After registering free of charge, Energy Premier enables consumers to launch bids, where multiple suppliers come and bid for the particular consumer. This helps each supplier equally and transparently participate in bidding sessions in a simple and user friendly way, with a real time pricing update. Energy Premier fully delivers on the crowd aspect by enabling consumers to group-up and open a single bidding session as a group in order to receive better deals - also giving suppliers an opportunity to win multiple customers at a time.

Their platform is already live before they have launched the ICO, and it already has lead users using it, which proves that the idea and the model work. Moreover, the fact that they have a live platform and lead users sets this ICO apart from the general pool of ICOs.

Electricity bidding on the platform takes only 30 minutes, unlike today’s process that can take days and include collection of multiple offers through a demanding process. The platform utilizes blockchain and smart contracts that bring flexibility and transparency, eliminating corruption. The use of the blockchain technology makes Energy Premier completely trustworthy and reliable. The blockchain not only ensures that tokens that are sent to a recipient are delivered within seconds without today’s financial intermediaries, but also provides added security due to smart contracts embedded in the process – eliminating potential for fraud.

The EPC Token has multiple utility cases, including being a requirement for trading on the Energy Premier platform, where each supplier has to own EPC tokens to bid for contracts, as well as offering cheaper and faster trading. We also use blockchain to record the elements of the contractual obligation that is created through the bidding session - via our smart contract. Furthermore, the platform offers the opportunity to smart grid suppliers to auction their electricity via the platform in exchange for the EPC tokens, while smart meter owners can integrate their smart meters and enable instant payment via the token.

Due to many features and a highly utilizable token, Energy Premier plans to become a global leader in electricity bidding and trading. With a global market size of $10tn, it also has the potential to reach truly large scale. This is the reason they are emitting 200bn tokens - a volume equal to the amount of MWh consumed each year globally.

The Energy Premier pre-sale has already started. Their whitelisting process usually takes two business days and you can sign up at

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