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What Is The Biggest Obstacle That Businesses Experience Today

by Administrator, on May 23
KLCGroup Conducted An Interesting Research – What Are The Most Common Problems Businesses & StartUps Experience Today.

KLCGroup conducted an interesting research – What Are The Most Common Problems Businesses & StartUps Experience Today, trying to figure out why 95% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years of operation and why 95% of StartUps failed at the very beginning or not even started from the idea? The research contained questions on strategy – does the business use strategic planning and when was the last time for strategic plan to be reviewed and adjusted for the business needs. 33% of businesses reported they used planning at the very beginning on the businessstart, and 42% reviewed it for the past three months. Same time 20% of businesses has nothing planned at all – all the actions and moves made occasionally, and 20% more are only discussing...

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