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4 Tips for Managing a High-Performing Virtual Team

by Isla Wright, on Mar 13
Technology has allowed various companies to leverage remote work to its fullest potential.
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Nowadays, creating a high-performing virtual team is easier than ever. Not only are organization able to tap into a worldwide talent pool, but they're also able to provide means that will help remote workers do their jobs more efficiently. What's more, companies are able to extend their reach, as well as their operations to different countries without building physical presence there.

However, managing remote teams isn't as simple as many company owners believe it to be. The main reason is that remote workers aren't present in the office and oftentimes they're in different time zones. This can make communications difficult and can lead to remote workers disengaging and becoming less productive. That's why every company must ensure that remote workers actually feel like valuable members of the organization and that the communication line with them is always open. Here are a few tips for managing a high-performing virtual team.

Improve communications

As mentioned before, remote workers aren't physically present in the office and they are left out of usual interactions that happen in the office. This can make remote employees feel distanced from the rest of the organization and can affect their motivation and overall mood. That's why it's important to establish effective communication with your remote workers and involve them in everyday social activities.

Make sure you don't just rely on emails to communicate with remote staff. Instead, introduce video conferencing and calls to make communication more personal. Also, introduce remote workers to the rest of the employees and let them socialize over messaging apps. In addition, use video calls to allow remote workers to attend meetings and share their ideas with everyone else. That way, your remote workers won't feel left out or neglected and they'll easily be able to fit in into your company's culture.

Track employee efficiency

Keeping an eye on your employees gives you insight into how they handle work. When it comes to remote workers, you can't simply stroll down the office and check up on them. However, tracking their progress and efficiency is crucial to understand whether they're productive and engaged or not. That's why it's important to have means, such as an employee monitoring software to track your remote workers.

The main reason is that you'll be able to track how your remote workers are fitting in. You'll know if they're productive, are they coming to work on time and are they handling their tasks effectively. That way, you'll know if they have any issues you can help them with or if there are signs that they're becoming disengaged. Tracking productivity is essential for organizations, especially if you rely on remote teams to do their job well.

Leverage project management

In order to ensure both in-house and remote employees are on the same page, you have to provide means where everyone can work together as a team. Project management tools allow you to get everyone at one place. That way you can improve collaboration and idea sharing for all of your employees. What's more, employees can share information and have better understanding of the scope of the project.

Moreover, you can get everything organized by delegating tasks and setting clear deadlines. That way, everyone will know what their responsibilities are and will be able to become much more productive. For remote workers, it's essential to have an organized workflow that can help them stay on track and contribute equally like everyone else does.

Commemorate success

Every milestone completed and every business goal achieved should be celebrated properly. That way, your employees will feel a sense of accomplishment and that their hard work had significance. However, it's also important to include remote workers in celebrating, as their contribution was also an important part of the project's success.

You should make an effort to meet your remote employees in person and invite them over to enjoy alongside everyone else. The best way to do this is to organize an event where every employee will attend. That way, you're remote teams will feel like part of the company and will be encouraged to continue being productive, as well as to continue contributing to future projects and their success.

Managing a remote team of employees is never as simple as it should be, especially when you have a high-performing virtual team. Managing remote workers demands constant effort, in order to ensure they continue to be productive and that they don't disengage from the rest of the company.

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