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Value of Transcription for Small Business

by Isla Wright, on Mar 12
While transcription is something widely used online, a lot of small business are still reluctant towards the idea of actually employing it.
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The reason behind this is the fact that they already operate on a tight budget and they aren’t sure that the ROI brought by employing this trend would be worth their while. So, how high should transcription be on your list of priorities? In order to help you figure this out, there are several ways in which transcription adds value to your small business.

Content variety

Even though it is true that fewer people read nowadays, you need to keep in mind that there are some people who don’t actually have a choice. People suffering from hearing impairment might skip your content altogether but might pay a bit closer attention to it if they notice that you have a transcription. Moreover, sometimes, the quality of audio will be so bad that it will be hard for people to understand some significant parts of your content. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can safely ignore the rise of podcasts.

Saving on storage space

Customer service interactions, meeting sessions and B2B negotiations are an important data, however, it is a data you might not afford to keep for a prolonged period of time. Why? Well, simply because you don’t have unlimited space available. Even with cloud storage, there comes a time when paying for more space becomes less cost-effective. On the other hand, by transcribing these audio and video recordings into text format, you will gain the privilege of keeping much more data for a longer period of time. In turn, you get a privilege to improve your customer service and your skills as a negotiator based on your previous experiences.

Easier to skim for information

Have you ever listened to a podcast or a lecture on YouTube and then tried to recollect a piece of information or a statistic later on? Unless someone links the exact time at the comment section, you would have to go back and listen to the whole thing again (or at least the part you believe this was mentioned in). On the other hand, skimming and even searching keywords in a textual document is much easier. As we mentioned in the previous section, it gives you an easier way to learn.

It is cost-effective

The reason why so many people are still reluctant towards the idea of employing transcription services is that they believe this is too expensive. Well, this is not necessarily true. Sure, hiring a person to transcribe volumes and volumes of audio material may cost you an arm and a leg but, in 2018, you have another option. Namely, you can simply look for a platform offering transcription services online, that is based on automated speech recognition technology. You would be surprised just how far has deep learning technology progressed in this field.

Great for SEO

Linking, especially internal linking is a vital step in your SEO efforts. Therefore, transcribing to text gives you one more way to add this link. Moreover, it gives you an easy and efficient way to lure your target audience to your blog or website and keep them there for a longer period of time. Needless to say, this is another practice that search engines are known to reward. Apart from this, you can also use these links to promote your partners and friends, which, in turn, gains you some favors. Even though they may be hard to quantify, these favors have a value of their own.


As you can see, transcription as a trend can forward your brand as a whole. Apart from giving you a unique opportunity for self-improvement, it also benefits your company directly in more than a few ways. Through SEO it boosts your visibility and by making your content more accessible to a neglected portion of your audience, it expands your potential customer pool. In other words, it improves your small business on nearly every level.

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