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How SmartO will simplify the service providers’ lives (from the malls and the grocery shops nearby to the private manicure masters)

by Alyona Selezneva, from SmartO, on Feb 26
“There is no need to attract the customers by yourself anymore. SmartO will do it for you!”Ildar MukhametzhanovCTO of the new blockchain project


SmartO - is a mobile app on blockchain with a unique set of features and clear monetization (economy of the token)

SmartO services for service providers:

This free smart organizer with the feature of the necessary products and services search with voice input. It is a so called enabler, that will directly connect you to the potential customer (target audience) and will bring him to your shop, car service, insurance company, beauty salon, construction company (you can go on forever).

The monetization for the trade and service companies is the increase of the turnover due to the direct connection to the customer. Indeed, you totally agree with the fact that procrastination is the integral part of our mentality. And when the person moves around the town on business or just on his way back home, SmartO will advise you to visit the store, hairdressing salon or car service just for you.

SmartO will remind your clients to do shopping under the wire (and, it is a well-known fact, that we spend much money on spontaneous purchases in the lack of time). Thus, such app will help you to acquire new clients and will remind about your company to the loyal ones.

You can start a group chat of employees and unite them into one network for optimal communication. Also you have an opportunity:

  • to trace the location of a freight expeditor or driver,

  • to check on the guard’s route at the work place, etc.

In other words you can optimize and control your employees’ work. Database on blockchain will keep your business information safe and will not let anyone to falsify data.

Monetization for the trade and services companies within SmartO - it is not only the increase of the turnover due to the direct connection with the customer, but also the optimization of the work process of your staff.

If you are interested in SmartO you can get all the information about listing, features and costs from the PR and Marketing Manager…….

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