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SmartO will Make Your Life Easier

by Alyona Selezneva, from SmartO, on Feb 26
“Retire strings on fingers!” I. Mukhametzhanov, the chief developer of a new app, SmartO.


Something you could have only dreamt of is becoming a reality.

I suppose everyone had such a situation when you forgot something important or just had to plan a lot of important things without missing anything so that your decisions would actually look planned... :-D

In such cases people usually wish to have some personal jeeves, who would remind you about important stuff and help you to get in touch, track changes or get urgent and important information while you are on the road.

This “genie” is our SmartO smart organizer, which will save a lot of time and money for you. This app will be useful to everyone: senior citizens, taking medications as prescribed; mothers, who want to be constantly in touch with their children; inexperienced motorists, who keep forgetting about oil change; foremen who are in need of a timely update on the construction progress...

Things listed above are but a part of all possible fields of its application. Any motorist can remember at least a dozen occasions, when:

-changing from summer to winter tires was forgotten;

- you sped past the grocery store forgetting the spouse's request to buy groceries;

- relative's birthday was forgotten;

- tire shop in other city was so hard to find;

- hockey equipment was driven around town with no purpose whatsoever;

- the best cafe was impossible to choose from a couple, located nearby;

- car insurance was so hard to find...

And the most inconvenient thing for motorists in order not to forget something important is to put it down. To do it one should stop driving to enter information into a planner.
Asking your spouse, cradling a crying child in the arms, to text you the list is a little bit too much, isn't it? Go figure...

Getting a smart organizer with voice input seems to be a no-brainer. Voice input will save you rifling through your car in search of a pen or a paper, after all you must remember not to loose that scribble too! :-D Or to completely forget to look at it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to get that look from your spouse:
“Well, you done it again... Microwave meal for everyone... again...” :-D

You can think of a couple of applications of SmartO for parents right off the bat:

- geotagging and microphone can not only track the movements of the child on its way from school, but also to listen to the things happening with it (SmartO will shadow you kid like an overprotective mother),

- reminder to the kid to clean up / do the chores,

- monitoring of time your child leaves home for school or club and comes back home,

- reminder about friends and relatives' birthdays and getting gifts,

- help children with homework,

- warning about bad weather and tell what to wear,

and many many more, engaged parents will know...

Of course, SmartO can bring together people with common interests to exchange views (needlework, school project, joint purchase, house residents...)

Someone has relatives, living far away. They also have smartphones. If you happen to be at their place - make them get SmartO and explain about voice messages - they won’t forget about the medicine or doctor appointment.

And SmartO will remind you to: “Call your Mom!”
And if you can't do it by 8:00 PM SmartO will approach you once again with a line like this:
“Wtf is wrong with you? Call Mum you ungrateful bastard! ”
You are definitely getting such reminders on their birthdays!

SmartO is also really promising in the field of business. Construction team workgroup can order hardware, necessary for construction, using voice input while SmartO will read the list in a pleasant female voice. Geotagging will allow finding the optimal hardware store on the route and will get you a bargain sale!

Those who are yet to make their first steps in a relationship would find SmartO dating service handy - geotagging can help to arrange a romantic meeting...

So SmartO actually unites various individuals, men and women, families, workgroups. And makes life easier and more convenient for you!

SmartO also has this trendy thing called monetization! It means that you can not only plan your day, enhance your route, but also get some extra income! The actual amount earned depends only on how active you are!

Firstly, unlike existing search engines, SmartO will not share your private information with companies and marketing agencies by default. If they want to get this data, and they get greenlighted by you, they can get it for a small fee, which is divided between you and a tinsy part for SmartO.  

Secondly, users get rewarded for clicking on ad banners while they look for goods and services in SmartO.

Thirdly, every user can give reviews of services found with help of SmartO. SmartO team will monitor their relevancy and remove unfaithful ones; good reviews will help other users to choose the best products and services. Good reviews get rewards!

Another important thing - all data is kept on SmartO blockchain. It is not going to take hundreds of megabytes of space on your smartphone! Checking the last day of car maintenance or last dentist visit will be effortless. SmartO will remind you about the next car shop visit or a doctor appointment!

Everyone would like to have such lifesaver in their smartphones!

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