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Retire strings on fingers! (The Birth of SmartO)

by Alyona Selezneva, from SmartO, on Feb 26
The birth of SmartO idea in words of its CTO - Ildar Mukhametzhanov.

The birth of SmartO was destined by life itself. There have already been various services, electronic organizers, schedulers, desktop and mobile apps with these features... There are also voice assistants like Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant.

But they were not able to help us solve the everyday problems we might have.

Let's hear it from Ildar Mukhametzhanov, founder of the project:

"...When I started my house renovation I had to buy supplies for the construction crew quite often.  I was constantly bombarded with requests to get this or that. The construction workers often forgot to get the materials themselves. Suddenly they are out of fasteners, sometimes I forgot to buy some extra hardware on my way back. It was a really tough task: I had to get all the items from the hardware store in one go and all the more the crewmembers were constantly hounding me, asking me for other stuff.

Those endless thrashings come back to me in nightmares. Then I got the idea to create a tickler system that would help not only to remind what to buy, but also would make an optimal route to the store with the best price.

This idea has been brewing in my head for some time; it put some new ideas on top of the old ones... I've had some new cases where I couldn't but say: “I need some smart app for this!”. My close people gave me some cases, some business acquaintances tipped in. I realized that I was on the threshold of something big, something that people really want!

I decided to move from ideas to actions: run and processed some focus groups. They suggested new ideas and features. Then held focus groups with business owners and managers. They also gave me important feedback.

My fellow entrepreneurs told me that it'd have been great to have this app or business as well. Because the user and the service provider are “two sides of the same coin”. People can tell companies what they want, and the companies will improve the quality of services and goods. This way both clients and companies will have their bread buttered on both sides!

Later I got the idea of implementing features, useful to service providers, like CRM systems. Entrepreneur focus group approved this idea, and users liked that they could post reviews about the service providers and get relevant information about a particular store, restaurant or car service...

Later I had an idea to monetize the features of the app to bring profit to the users. And I think no one would say "no" to additional income! That's how I got the concept for an app with a unique set of features. I realized that it was up to me to develop this wonderful app!"

So begins the story of SmartO — the super app of the XXI century.

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