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Can Less Capital Raised Mean More For ICO Investors?

by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
The Genesis Vision team seeks to bring transparency to the nearing $100 trillion Assets Under Management (AUM) market. This article explains that a project does not need to raise $10's of millions to be a successful raise.

This post was originally published on my Medium blog and can be found here. I hope you enjoy and find this helpful! Initial Coin Offerings have been all the rage in 2017 as the infantile method of raising business capital grows exponentially across the globe — crowdfunding with cryptocurrency, I like to consider it. So much so that government regulators are starting to really crackdown on the activity. First came China announcing the ban of ICO’s; then followed South Korea; and most recently a new SEC task force in the US with EU regulators following. To put it into perspective, $3,409,168,576 has been raised on Kickstarter since 2009. Across all ICO’s recorded by CoinDesk for the 2017 year, $3,557,667,313 has been raised (as of 11/20/2017). If you have participated in an...

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