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Kucoin Exchange: The Exchange-based Token That Earns You a Dollar Cost Average and Diversified Portfolio, Daily

by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
Follow along as I explain the characteristics behind the Kucoin Shares (KCS) token within the exchange business model. The holder essentially earns 100+ cryptocurrencies as the fee-share from the Kucoin Exchange platform. Not a crypto like this!
Kcs article

This post was originally published on my Medium blog and can be found here. I hope you enjoy and find this helpful! In my last article, we dive into a bit of the history behind cryptocurrency exchanges and how they have failed cryptocurrency investors and day traders over the years. The article then dives into how Binance is leading us into an era of token-based exchange business models which, as the facts prove, are growing at an unprecedented rate compared with your typical Bittrex-style cryptocurrency exchange. A more ‘trader-friendly’ era of cryptocurrency exchanges are upon us. Today, we’ll: explore Kucoin Exchange features; some of their innovative token features/functions; and why you may want to begin researching this based on principles of finance and risk management. My thoughts are that Binance’s strategically built BNB token is...

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