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Blocklancer: Roles of the Freelance Marketplace

by Crowd Conscious, on Feb 11
Follow along as I dive into the roles of the revolutionary Blocklancer project, a decentralized application built atop the Ethereum Blockchain, utilizing smart contracts to smooth out inequalities between stakeholders in the freelancing market.

This post was originally published on my Medium blog and can be found here. I hope you enjoy and find this helpful! According CNN Money, over 35% of American workers are freelancers. Think about this for a minute — that’s over 50,000,000 workers. Million.With only a handful of freelancing platforms and even less that operate in a fair manner, freelancers are having a rougher and rougher time making a live. Blocklancer is an innovative freelancing platform that allows the freelancer to earn cryptocurrency for their work while actually recording happenings on the blockchain, removing inequalities among platform participants. Let’s dive into the three users-roles and their importance in theBlocklancer ecosystem: Tokenholders Clients Freelancers Tokenholders: Platform Governance Blocklancer Website Perhaps the most critical role on the Blocklancer platform is that of the Tokenholder....

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