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Psychology Tips to Boost Your Team's Productivity

by Leila Dorari, on Jan 30
Entrepreneurship usually means that you need to know a lot more than the business you are trying to develop. You will probably have to act as a parent to all of your employees and partners, but without letting them know that, of course.
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It has been a while since the business world has recognized the importance the psychology has on the overall productivity. We can see it applied daily in marketing campaigns and working environments. Saying: “You have to” is no longer the preferred method as it gets the job done, but not the best way possible. You do not want to keep your business going, you want to see it thrive. The best way of doing so is having a team of people capable of excelling and much of it is in your power. Offer feedback and recognition Without proper feedback, your staff will never get a chance of improving. If you notice that some, or all of them need a change...

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