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Psychology Tips to Boost Your Team's Productivity

by Leila Dorari, on Jan 30
Entrepreneurship usually means that you need to know a lot more than the business you are trying to develop. You will probably have to act as a parent to all of your employees and partners, but without letting them know that, of course.
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It has been a while since the business world has recognized the importance the psychology has on the overall productivity. We can see it applied daily in marketing campaigns and working environments. Saying: “You have to” is no longer the preferred method as it gets the job done, but not the best way possible. You do not want to keep your business going, you want to see it thrive. The best way of doing so is having a team of people capable of excelling and much of it is in your power.

Offer feedback and recognition

Without proper feedback, your staff will never get a chance of improving. If you notice that some, or all of them need a change in their approach, let them know. Also, if you notice that someone is doing well, recognize it publicly and explain what it is that made them stand out this time. Make sure your public appraisal takes turns or refers to the entire team so no one feels unappreciated or left out. On the other hand, if you notice that someone is not up to their task, give a feedback on the team level instead of pointing fingers. The person in question will be able to recognize you were talking about them even if you do not state it, so do not publicly shame them.

Set realistic targets

Each one of your projects should be split into smaller projects so it is easier to see the results of the work done. Completing tasks one by one will help your team retain the sense of accomplishment instead of being stuck within one big thing for months. Also, while you are at it, find a way of measuring the results and offer some form of incentives. Make sure you stay consistent with these. The targets set should be reachable with a small push. When designed this way, they will keep the team motivated to reach them and invest the little extra required.

Encourage autonomy and offer flexibility

Regardless of the type of work involved, you should be able to give your team a certain level of freedom. Agree on the deadlines for each activity and let your employees decide the way they want to have it done and organize their time. Be available to assist them if they have issues organizing their time and prioritizing. If the nature of the work allows it, offer some flexibility in the sense of working hours and the place of work.

Offer refreshments and remind them to take breaks

Taking regular breaks and stepping away from their desks, helps employees relieve stress. Create areas where they can do so. Anything from a pleasant cafeteria to an indoor garden or even a gym will do. However, in the light of the above-mentioned point, do not push them to have breaks when you want them to, nor measure how much time they spend on a break as long as they get the work done. Sometimes people spend more time working continuously on a task and like to take breaks only after they are done, instead of cutting in between. Consequently, they may need a longer time-out before they start the next task. Also, fill your fridge with refreshments, it will make them feel well-taken-care-of.

Work on the aesthetics

Simply put, make your workplace pretty and allow your staff to personalize it. Rent storage facilities to keep all of your clutter out of sight, but ready for use when you need it. Decluttering and organizing your workspace will make your staff more efficient and thus more productive. Clean space is much nicer to look at and you would be surprised at how much such pleasant emotions can increase productivity.

Make it clear and transparent

Having mentioned the cleanliness of space, apply the same method to your ideas and tasks. Clearly outline the goals of each project. This will help the team understand what they are working on and why. Be transparent about the info you possess and never make it seem like you are hiding something from them, as trust is a crucial element in every team. Also, knowing your mind will help them know exactly where they are standing and they will stop wondering about the thing everyone fears the most, their job security.

Spread positive energy throughout the office and treat everyone with the equal amount of respect. Set an example by acting the way you want them to act. Encourage a great relationship among the team members through both work and team-building activities. Make your team feel loved and they will enjoy their work and love the business. They are your most valuable asset so offer a little extra and get an excellent return on this investment.

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