5 Biggest Failures in Cryptocurrency History

InnMind team decided to have a look on the back side of ICO boom and check the failure cases.

Fail ico cryptocurrency

The following list shows the biggest of ICO failures, the most hyped projects that couldn’t deliver, as well as ones that blew up because of internal and community conflict. DAO  The largest failure in cryptocurrency history: Ethereum’s DAO. The announcement of the DAO in April 2016 sent waves throughout the cryptocurrency community. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization — crypto-anarchists and Bitcoinists dreamed about it for years, and Ethereum finally made it reality. The DAO token sale quickly made this project the largest crowdfund in history, bringing in over $168 million USD. But the glory didn’t last long. On June 18, an attacker exploited a vulnerability in the DAO smart contract, resulting in a loss exceeding $50 million USD. As soon as...

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