Investment Citizenship: The Best 2nd Passport Options for 2018

With the rising trend of global travel and tourism, people from around the world are becoming increasingly interested in dual citizenships, and how they can benefit from owning a 2nd passport.

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While numerous members of the European Union are constantly popular among prospective citizenship-seekers, more exotic destinations have actually proven to be the most prudent and rewarding options, according to the CBI Index. Ranking countries on the following seven pillars of CBI, nations such as Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and several others have made it to the top of the most prospective citizenship by investment list. Let’s take a look at the criteria and the most prominent options for 2018. Standard of living While Dominica scored the highest of all contenders in an overall comparison, certain countries scored higher in individual categories. The standard of living category took a look at life expectancy, education, security and income of...

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