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Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015

by Administrator, on May 10
US based startup Compass released its Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 report - a comprehensive analysis of global startup scene and list of top startup cities.
Global startup ecosystem ranking 2015

The automated reporting and benchmarking software provider Compass has released its Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 report with insights on the world’s top startup territories. To compile the report, Compass used data from startup hubs all around the world. A wealth of research went into this ranking, including 11,000 surveys by entrepreneurs and experts in the past five months, 200 interviews in 25 countries, and research by Deloitte, CrunchBase, Orb Intelligence, Global Entrepreneurship Network, and other local partners. The goal is to weigh the world’s startup ecosystems and find the best places for budding entrepreneurs to set up shop. Compass says it approached the project from the point of view of “an entrepreneur seeking a location for his or her startup.” The company considered factors...

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