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Tips to Hold Your Business Together While Facing a Life Crisis

by Leila Dorari, on Jan 5
No matter how organized you are, there are certain unwelcome life events you can't predict. Coping with them is not easy, but by following these bits of advice you can speed up the recovery process and ensure your business (and life) stay unharmed.
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Life may hit you when you least expect it. Certain events create uncertainty and chaos, no matter how much we all try to plan our future. An accident, a sudden death, a breakup or divorce, a lawsuit, you never know what cards the life will deal you, no matter what type of business you are in. It just comes out of nowhere.

It is tough to keep yourself together when your world is crumbling. Your reaction to your life falling apart is anything but calm. The immediate panic, followed by feelings of helplessness and despair, is very intense. However, before you fall completely apart, bear this in mind: Life isn’t always fair. Marriages end, accidents happen, loved ones pass on. The way how you deal with it is what matters.

Work may help to divert your attention from the certain personal problems, and some people will opt for this method. On the flip side, when the problem is extensive enough, this may not be a reasonable choice. It is essential to pull back and let others call the shots from time to time.

It is hard to keep it together when you feel like everything around you is falling to pieces. However, it is possible. You will see that in the end, it is worth it. Read our tips on how to weather your challenging times and still have your business all in one place in the end.

Find Your Focus

Emotional hue and cry entangle even the simplest of things. For that reason, you need to battle your disorganisation and lack of concentration caused by an unpleasant event by focusing on what is happening at this moment. Prioritize your tasks according to their urgency and try to take in your day objectively. Contemplate if you can affect an issue you are worried about and whether you have the power to change it. Make sure you stop fixating on things that are out of your hands and to take action where you can. Levels of your energy are most likely drained out, therefore, use what is left of it to call attention to the things you are able to keep in line.

Share Your Thoughts

A problem shared is a problem halved. You will release the piled-up pressure by sharing your thoughts. What is more, you will give yourself the chance to observe the situation from a new angle. Take the weight off your shoulders by confiding to a family member, trusted friend, or counselor about how you feel. If the problem is so unruly that you also need to share it with your clients, choose carefully what you will say. Explain the situation clearly. No need to overdo it with the details. Give your clients only as much as they need to fully grasp the gravity of your circumstances. You shouldn’t be melodramatic, yet you shouldn’t be so reserved in a way that you don’t give people the opportunity to lend you a hand.

Gather Your Support Team

How you handle the crisis will reflect your business. Even though you are used to doing everything on your own as an entrepreneur it is important to establish a support system. In the situation where your life is falling apart, you need to surround yourself with people who can stay focused and positive. Don’t hesitate to rely on those you hired to help you take the load off of your shoulders during the hard times. You can call a team meeting to explain about a personal situation and how it is time to come together to keep the business on its usual course. Chances are, the team will be more than willing to prove their commitment to the business and to you personally. After you established the support system, you can examine the problem, and begin to get discloser and solutions.

Find Help to Navigate Bureaucracy

Professionals such as solicitors and family lawyers are also fundamental to have in your support system. They are well versed to take prompt action for families and/or individuals in crisis. While you are facing your life’s crisis, they can help you navigate the legal officialdom. Furthermore, they can assist you in quickly identifying your legal objections and in the establishing a strategy, shifting you through the process smoothly and ensuring you reach the best possible outcome. No matter how full of twists and turns you may think your circumstances are, lawyers will help you retain hope and will make their advice perfectly clear in a way that will assist you in getting back in control of your life and a peace of mind.


Even though the things seem dreary at the moment, you will get through it. It is perfectly fine to briefly slow your pace. Moreover, it is all right to be reflective. And conceivably, a thing you once thought as absolutely necessary in your life will become just a thing of the past.

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