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Apply for Techmafia — soft-landing program in the USA

by Dmitry Kalaev, from Internet Initiatives Development Fund, on Dec 25
Apply for Techmafia by IIDF — an intensive 3-month soft landing program during which participants make more progress than they would over an entire year by themselves.

Techmafia is a paid, equity-free soft landing program: Two months in Moscow (starting on January 22, 2018): product preparation, adaptation and fine-tuning of product descriptions in English, initial Customer Discovery, search for growth hacks on the US market One month in San Francisco (from March 24 to April 22, 2018): meetings with potential clients, feedback from investors, close work with US experts, continuation of Customer Discovery, Customer Development The program is based on lean methodology and exploits IIDF’s extensive experience to help tech entrepreneurs become problem/solution fit and get traction in the USA. Find your clients Validate your product Develop sales channels Learn more and apply to participate at the website.  Read other useful publications on InnMind:  ► ICO analysis: Virtonomics ▶ EUREKA Open call for Switzerland-Russia R&D projects ▶ Switzerland and blockchain technologies

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