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ICO analysis: Virtonomics

by Administrator, on Dec 22
We present the second ICO analysis about project Virtonomics
Ico analysis vicoin

 We are continuing anti-scam and anti-fraud project by InnMind and partners: comprehensive analysis of ongoing ICOs, project assessment and due-diligence for investors. We are here to make this market transparent, structured and available for everyone eager to invest or simply learn more about ICO as a financial phenomenon.  Read the previous analysis: ICO analysis: Lordmancer II The next analysis is about Virtonomics. So, let's begin. General info Virtonomics is an active project, which has a more than 10 years history in the market of virtual economy development. This year the project decided to expand the functionality and to introduce a new concept - "digging", which will allow the users of the business game to earn the local currency Virts, which can...

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