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by Stephanie Han, from REVV COIN, on Dec 20
REVV COIN, a decentralized coin that is grafted in real life, approaching to the goal of enlargement of base, has started 2nd ICO!
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REVV COIN develop smartphone applications that provides various methods of mining, so that anyone can easily learn, use, understand and mine coins in real life.
Various applications multi-mining

 Mining through smart phone application – Easily downloaded from Google, apple store, Hwawei and anyone can enjoy mining. There are 7 types of application that can mine. The representative application is “① Mining through game”, “②after buying our own lottery and wins, the coin is mined”, “③Mining through coin changing” and “④Mining through purchase payment”. Also, donation from lottery winner content is applied.
Simple coin payment system
With only scanning QR code of tablet PC of franchise POINT digger, automatically calculate paying amount and coin’s market and transfer. Also, when paying with coin, make the transfer speed as high as possible, so that there would be convenience with payment.

REVV is a compound word for Revolution and Evolution, meaning to make revolution and evolution of coin.
REVV COIN’s basic ideology is “to make anyone to easily understand coin, mine, make transaction, and to pay universally” In other words, the vase is decentralized enlargement of base, and to graft market of virtual currency in real life so that people can use in real life.
Currently working on international ICO . If you are interested, check out the ICO address below!
 E-wallet :
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