Leopold Ndayisaba

Сareer/Professional experience
Company name
E-NICE CENTER LTD (E-Nice Information and Communication Center)
Chair and General Manager
05/2018 — 08/2018
Burundi University
Field of Study
Letters and Human Sciences; French Language and Literature Sector
09/1982 — 11/1986
Kiganda (1987-1989); Bujumbura (several years); Italy (2007-2009); Kampala (2015-2018)
Chair of a Cultural Association; Founder and Chair of a Reconciliation Association; Founder of a Reconciliation Association and a Development Association; Different responsibilities in Refugee Associations

To think and set up an associations; to elaborate their constitutions; to set up organs and meetings organization; to elaborate periodical activities program; to prepare, organize and conduct meetings; to think on strategies for changes, for good leadership; to think on new ideas according to new periods of time; to analyze world situation in order to conceive an adequate organization; to appreciate when to go fast or not, etc...

Personal awards and excellences

1) Several excellent and very good professional quotations since long time (1986-2015); 2) Allowed to join high governmental services since 1990 as Adviser of the Prime Minister. I was 30 years old; 3) Applauded officially to have resolved a very complicated political problem (July 1996); 4) April 2003: Prize in conception of African artistic and cultural designs; Nominated to be Chair of technical committee for conception of Official symbols of African Union; 5) March 2004: elected as consultant to conceive a Project for women development in Bujumbura Town of 5 Milliards of Burundi Francs for five years; 6) January 2016: elected by the Administration to represent Burundi in the Embassy at Kampala; 7) Excellent quotation which led to be nominated as Burundi Ambassador at Italy and Permanent Representative of Burundi to FAO, WFP and FAO; 8) nominated as General Reporter for Diplomatic training in June 2006; 9) May 2007: Presidential Award for National Merit for all the services done for the Country; 10) May 2007: Honorable Award at UN in New Tork in a Diplomatic Simulation Exercise for Burundi and Italy: at Italy I am presented as an Official Hero at Catania; 11) ( May 2008): The Distinguished award at New York for the same exercise; 12) 2008: Elected as Juridical Representative by the African Diplomatic Group; 15) July 2009: Elected as the First for the Project to be the basis of International Confederation for Burundian Development by its Diaspora; 16) October 2013: Nominated as a Commission chair to found an Burundian Institute for International Studies, worked I finished in four months; 17) July 2017: Elected to represent all Ugandan refugees in an International meeting at Kampala. These are main personal awards and excellences I remember.