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InnMind is the leading deal-origination and data intelligence platform, helping early stage startups from web 3, crypto, blockchain and complementing verticals find the right investors, raise funds and scale business.

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InnMind VC Pitching Sessions - Online Events through which 230+ deals between startups & investors were closed in 2021-22

Apply now to pitch your startup live in front of 10+ professional crypto VCs at regular InnMind VC Pitching Sessions taking place every 2 weeks!

Access 120+ Crypto VC funds & thousands of crypto startups as partners and clients

Register and create your startup profile now to get connected to and featured in front of hundreds of trusted & proactively investing VCs and other potential partners.

Save €228'000 and more for software, marketing and other tools to reduce your expenses and extend your runway

Access Founders Perks Club with exclusive InnMind partners’ offers from AWS, IBM, Hubspot, Zendesk, Simplified and others! 

Get the right VCs to your captable based on honest & anonymous reviews of other Web 3 founders

Startup founders can now share anonymous and verified feedback about VC(s) they raised capital from. Learn investor relationship insights from real founders and make better decisions on what VC can be the right choice for your startup.

InnMind For Startups

Access 120+ Active Crypto VC investors (Verified Network)

Access the growing network of verified VC Funds and angel investors focused on early stage web 3, crypto and blockchain startups. InnMind team shares dealflows of matching startups with over 120+ crypto VCs on a daily basis to help startups accelerate their fundraising and help onboarding quality investors.
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Save €228'000+ for software, marketing and other tools through our Perks Club

Take advantage of InnMind’s Founders Perks Club with access to free credits and special conditions from AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot, Zendesk and other partners to facilitate your product development, marketing and other business processes.
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Promote your product to 30,000+ target audience

Find business partners and your future customers within InnMind’s network of web 3 and crypto startup founders. Feature your achievements and product updates in InnMind’s social media, newsletter, blog and other channels to grow your community and boost marketing metrics.
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Access 10+ Document Templates specific for crypto startups (SAFT agreements and more)

Your short-cut to download document templates, play around pitch deck templates, access private workshops on startup fundraising, business development and other areas. Be the first to use InnMind online tools, such as Tokenomics Calculator and VC rating, to speed up your fundraising readiness.
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Get your fast-track review for potential investments by InnMind Capital

InnMind startups get a special fast-track to pitch to InnMind Capital – a crypto focused Angel Venture Network, investing in blockchain and Web3 startups. Receive dedicated advisory support, feedback on your pitch and investments (in case there is a match!).
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Pitch live in front of 10+ VCs at regular InnMind Pitching Sessions

InnMind VC Pitching Sessions are bi-weekly zooml events where web 3 startup founders meet invited investors, business angels and VC firms and pitch their companies for fundraising. It’s a great chance to get immediate feedback and develop investment deals.
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InnMind For Investors

Quality Web 3 Startups Pipeline

Access to growing early stage web 3, crypto and blockchain international startups pipeline matching your criteria and investment mandate.

Single Profile Source Instead of 1000+ Telegram Chats

Pitch deck, founders’ information, captable, traction, marketing metrics and other details filled in by founders and verified by InnMind – all you need to know in a single profile.

Meeting founders at bi-weekly VC pitching sessions

Listen to the pitches of pre-selected startups and ask questions on bi-weekly VC pitching sessions to scout your next portfolio companies. 

Set Up Open Calls & Challenges

Publish open calls for startups to scout dedicated technologies within the Web 3 sector.

InnMind Data Module (Coming Soon)

Consolidated market data, structured and transformed into analytical models to help VCs identify good investment opportunities and market trends.

CapsCoin –

Metaverse Gaming Startup That Closed 3 Deals with VC Funds After Presenting at InnMind VC Pitching Session!

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