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    The 50 Most Promising Startups You’ve Never Heard Of

    The analytical company Quid together with Bloomberg have made analysis of 50.000 of successful startup companies and chose the 50 of most promising startups in 2017.
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    Startups and Corporations - new trends to collaborate?

    This report shows the trends in innovations entering the market and relationships between startups and corporations - how important they perceive each other, whether they are willing to collaborate and what steps they are ready to undertake.
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    What it means to be an entrepreneur?

    Results of the survey of 700 founders showing their experience of being entrepreneurs. This publication presents the overview of the survey, you can find full report on the website of First Round Review
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    European Startup Monitor 2016

    What stands behind a notion "European startup"? What is the startup about, who is the founder, who are the team members? The report conducted by German Startups Association brings light to the demographics and state of European startups.
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    Research and Innovation in Switzerland 2016

    Report on the research and innovation activities in Switzerland and its position as an innovative country on the world arena.
    European venture capiral market

    European Venture Capital Market - report Q3 2016

    The report is revealing the changes in the Venture Capital Market in Q3 when Brexit is already not news - main trends and movements of the capital in Europe.
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    2016 Cybercrime Report

    The Global Overlook of Cybersecurity Industry
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    Cybersecurity Market Report

    The report covers the business of cybersecurity, including market sizing and industry forecasts from consolidated research by IT analyst firms, emerging trends, cybercrime, employment, the federal sector, notable M&A, venture capital and more.
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    Global FinTech Landscape (Infographic)

    This infographic will introduce you to the world of Fin Tech and tell you about government support, acceleration programs, hub for FinTech projects. It will also lead you through trends in the industry and show the most innovative companies in 2015.

    State of Innovation - Global Innovation Index 2016

    How the world is changing directly depends on innovations coming into our lifes. Read the report about world leading innovation countries and about challenges ahead.
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