Global corporate VC: Artificial Intelligence spotlight

InnMind is continuing to present you the review of the global Corporate Venture Capital of the first half of 2017 in Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is designed to substitute human work. Maybe, in the future we will create which will smarter than people and these robots will capture the world, as in Hollywood films 😆. Now Artificial Intelligence sector is just developing and find application in more areas including personal assistants, advertising and marketing.

This weekend we prepared for you a short review of the Global Corporate Venture Capital Report of CBInsights in Artificial Intelligence.  Here is presented data of the first half of 2017.

Some outcomes from the report

👉  In H1’17 CVC artificial intelligence investment has increased 21%, while funding participation has increased by 134% over H2’16. This jump in funding participation was largely driven by the $600M Series D investment to Shanghai-based autonomous car company, NIO.

👉  15% of corporate venture AI deals went to cybersecurity-focused AI companies in H1’17, making it the sub-sector with the most investment (exclusive of AI companies working horizontally across multiple verticals).

👉  Intel Capital and GV have made the most investments in AI since 2012, followed by Bloomberg Beta and InQ-Tel tied for third, and Samsung Ventures and Slack Fund tied for fifth.

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