Mini Oil Refinery on Russian – Chinese Border Looking for Investor.

Capacity of 100 thousand MT per year (2000 barrels per day). In the future can be expanded up to 500K tons per year. Investment offer: 5M$ (including raw material) for 51% of the shares. Annual profitability: 5,680,000$. Construction period: 1 year.

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• One of the most industrially developed areas in Russia, including many fields of mining, the largest resources of copper, molybdenum, uranium, gold, tin, tantalum and metallic ores. Ferrous metallurgy, machine-building - tools, compressors and refrigerators; forest and wood-processing industries; light and food industries.

• Distant periphery area with multi-million population, largely urban – above 4 million people in radius of 500 km – from  all three sides of the border – Russian, Chinese and Mongolian. • Only 43 km from Manzhouli border crossing - China’s busiest land port of entry, responsible for 60% of all imports from and exports to Russia and Eastern Europe.

• Only 141 km from Solovyovsk – most eastern railway border crossing with Mongolia. • No existing oil refinery in radius of 1600 km in Russia. • Closest refinery in China – 1000 km away to the south, which serves mostly more Southern areas in China. • No oil refineries in Mongolia. • Diesel fuel prices are higher than in Moscow for 5-10%.

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