Competition - winner gets a chance to get individual 3-month startup mentoring worth $1,495

This is an invitation for you to participate in a competition where you can get your startup mentoring worth $1,495 for FREE!

Competition book marketing

There will be 3 winners announced on April 30 and you can be one of them!

That's how simple it is to take part in the contest:

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You can find more details about the author and the book here


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Loan Tube is the next level P2P Lender for Personal Loans where Peers/Lenders bid their APRs and Monthly payments for every loan application.
With one single loan application on customer is able to avail cheapest loan deal without need to apply with multiple lenders.Concept is similar to Flight search comparison websites Skyscanner or Expedia, where with just 1 single search they show you all the cheapest flights.


To give everyone the power to create and share business opportunities to develop their activities.

We allow you to post offers or requests in six different areas: product, investment, skills, partnership, property and events.

On the crowded market of professional online networking platforms, Beeckon has listened to users who are tired of the noise and want to get back to basics. Focus on connecting people who take initiatives around business opportunities.

ООО "АйТи Прогресс"

Когда я узнал, что WhatsApp Messenger продался за 19 миллиардов $, я задумался.
И понял, удачное и прибыльное то, что потенциально подходит каждому, и не просто подходит, а человек должен захотеть получить твой продукт, он должен в нём нуждаться, нужно всего лишь показать проблему.

Мы показали реальную проблему и изобрели самый короткий, и простой способ её решить.

Это логичное решение, для наибольшего числа пользователей.