Russian Tech Tour 2017

Who are the top 25 Russian startups taking hitech to the next level? Find out at the 2017 Russian Tech Tour and explore the most innovative companies in advanced materials, IoT, industry 4.0, circular economy, nanotechnology, energy and more

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Russia’s venture ecosystem has rapidly developed in the last 10 years and it is building more high-tech companies than ever before. The Russian Tech Tour will showcase Russia’s favourable conditions for investment from the 25-27 of April, 2017 in Russia’s growing innovation hubs, Moscow and Kazan. It will explore 25 high-quality Russian companies who are building technologies that are driving Russian’s venture ecosystem. 

These 25 companies will be chosen by a selection committee of leading international investors and senior business leaders covering:

  • the oil and gas,
  • petrochemical,
  • industry 4.0,
  • industrial IoT,
  • advanced materials,
  • circular economy,
  • energy efficiency,
  • nanotechnology,
  • water technology,
  • smart city sectors.

For your chance to establish partnerships with Russia’s leading entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporates looking to invest into Europe, register here.


New startups


Segmentify is a SaaS solution for online retailers that helps them optimizing conversion by providing personalization, recommendation and predictive analytics tools. Online stores are struggling with low conversion rates (global e-commerce average is about 1.5% and Turkey’s average is about 1.0%). Segmentify help them increase & optimize conversion, online stores can increase visitor retention and loyalty.

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Srushti VIZ

Srushti Viz is a visualisation studio. We help clients visualise their product or project.

We cater to clients in various industries like Architecture, Science, Medical, Pharma, Defense, Industrial, Aeronautics, Aviation, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Automobile, etc.

Srushti Viz is a division of Srushti, a creative studio based in Hyderabad, India.