Technical Project Management - tips (Video)

In this video you will receive answers to the "hottest" questions for startup founders and entrepreneurs: how many developers you need on an early stage of the project, how to use agile method, how to prepare specifications, when to enter market, etc

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In his second webinar at InnMind, Frederic Joye, co-founder at Arcanys and Arcanys Lab answered questions of the listeners, on the topic of tech project management. 

Frederic speaks about the following points:

🚀 How to avoid the #1 causes of project failure and delays

🚀 How to manage requirements properly

🚀 How to manage the code properly

Here are other questions, that he covered in the webinar: 

00:09:43         Team in a Tech Project  

00:10:52        How many developers are enough for a startup in an early stage? (more details at 50:25)

00:15:06        Processes in Tech Project

00:17:03        No.1 Cause of Project Failures

00:19:04        What about AGILE Dev in order to keep adjusting end-users needs with Dev?

00:20:18        What timelines should be applicable for MVP development of web app? The faster the better or we should focus on features and quality?

00:24:08        Should startup founder write requirements by himself or it's better to give this job to professionals?

00:30:55        If we start concentrating too much on the specifications - won't we lose time (=market)?

00:34:10        Lean Startup Methodology

00:36:10        No. 2 largest cause of project delays

00:40:15        How to avoid delays in deadlines? Maybe agree for some penalty for every day of delay and consider it in the contract?

00:45:26        Who pays more attention to deadlines normally - outsourcers as external providers or developers in house?

00:46:27        Is it an issue to work with a far away company? Or no need of physical contacts for projects?

00:49:20        Architectural Design

00:52:40        Project Management tools 

00:59:45        Outsourcing Best Practices

01:11:38        To-do for coding CTO

01:13:02        How does it work to make cost evaluation for soft project and compare suppliers?

01:15:23        How to estimate the time developers REALLY spend for coding? How can we really control it and be sure whether they spent 1 hour or 10 hours for this or that feature?



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